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Yoga Classes & Workshops 
Yoga classes and workshops are now run through 

You can find an updated yoga schedule on 
Simply Life Learning Center Facebook page  
or call Full Circle with any questions at 251 473-8040.

 Private Yoga Classes 
still available with Ginger: 251 458-6584.

Private Yoga Instruction
 Whether you want to learn the basics of yoga or you want to deepen your current practice, you will be gently guided in the right direction for your individual needs. You can work towards goals that suit your body and your temperament, so that you can maximize your own personal growth.
By appointment only.
1/2 hour $40 one hour $80 (cash or check only)
Have a group of friends or coworkers who want to learn yoga in a private setting? 
Looking for something out of the ordinary to do with other mothers while your kids are in mother's day out? 
How about a yoga class with your bridesmaids to prepare for the big day? Get a group together and:
Schedule a
Private Group Yoga Class
  • Available for groups of 2 plus people.  Group splits cost of one hour class $80 up to 6 people, 7 or more $12/each
  • Private Groups should notify us of the group’s age range and levels of experience prior to class.
  • By appointment only.  Call us at (251) 458-6584.

What is yoga and why practice?
Yoga means "union".  The Indians who first practiced yoga wanted a more personal experience in their spiritual journey, and so they began experimenting.
Yoga began as seated meditation in the commonly known "lotus" pose. Many years later, yogis practiced movement meditation, which is the yoga postures we see nowadays that most people are somewhat familiar with. The movements follow the breath, the prana, which is considered the life-force to yogis. When focusing on the breath we are able to quiet the mind, sink into the present moment, and experience oneness.
Yoga is not a religion but a philosophy based on the Eight Limbed Path. Through following the path we are able to remove the obstacles within ourselves which keep us from experiencing this oneness of spirit. It is a philosophy that only accentuates other religions and philosophies based on love and truth.
It is not something to be afraid of if you have no experience or consider yourself inflexible. These are great reasons to begin the practice and see what comes out of it. The practice is easily modified to your level of experience.
If you think you cannot do it, please think again! This is something that everyone can benefit from. If you can sit and breathe, you can do yoga!
  "A life half-breathed is a life half-lived." - Ancient Proverb

Please call to schedule an appointment. 
(251) 458-6584
If you get the answering machine,
leave a message and we will get back with you within the hour. 
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